Aerospace & Defense

MG magnetics is a key player in the aerospace and defense sectors, supplying reliable, efficient, and high-performance electrical components. Our range of products, including transformers, inductors, coils, and integrated assemblies, fortifies the critical systems that safeguard our skies and protect nations.

Transformers: Powering Flight and Defense Systems

Our transformers are integral components in aerospace and defense applications, adjusting voltage levels for the safe and efficient use of electrical equipment. From powering aircraft systems to supporting advanced defense technology, our transformers are indispensable for seamless operations.

Inductors: Facilitating Optimal System Performance

Inductors, with their ability to store energy in a magnetic field, play an essential role in power management and signal processing within the aerospace and defense sectors. Our inductors contribute to a range of applications, including radar systems, satellite communications, and flight control electronics, ensuring optimal system performance and signal integrity.

Coils: Essential for Electromagnetic Applications

Coils, through their generation of magnetic fields, form the foundation of electromagnets, inductors, transformers, and other devices crucial to the aerospace and defense sectors. From enabling robust radar systems to powering electromagnetic actuators, our coils deliver reliable performance across diverse applications.

Integrated Assemblies: Streamlining Complex Systems

Our integrated assemblies, by consolidating multiple components into a single unit, bring an unmatched level of efficiency to aerospace and defense solutions. They simplify design, increase reliability, and expedite production processes, offering streamlined solutions for complex and critical systems.

Propelling the Future of Aerospace & Defense Industries

Transformers, inductors, coils, and integrated assemblies are more than just components; they're the backbone of the aerospace and defense industries. As technological advancements push the boundaries of what's possible, their role becomes ever more pivotal. Join us on this journey as we continue to elevate aerospace and defense technologies with our cutting-edge solutions.

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