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Magnetic Inductors

We take into account the diverse applications of inductors, from high-frequency circuits to power supply circuitry and more...
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Ferrite Core Transformers

Our Ferrite Core Transformers are designed to cater to different applications, from small-sized signal transformers with higher frequencies to larger power transformers...
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Magnetic Toroidal Components

Our toroidal field coils are crafted using advanced cabling and conductor fabrication methods, ensuring the precision and integrity required for their critical applications...
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Laminated Magnetic Cores

As a leading manufacturer specializing in laminated magnetic core production, we are committed to delivering innovative and high-quality solutions for transformers and inductors in various industries...
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Applications Input Manufacturer

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Magnetic Chokes

Our magnetic chokes find extensive use in a wide range of industrial applications, including audio/visual signaling equipment, conveyors, elevators, HVAC systems...
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Magnetic Power Supplies

Our magnetic power supply manufacturing facility will cover 200,000 square feet and will house cutting-edge technology and processes to produce NdFeB...
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