As a leading manufacturer specializing in laminated magnetic core production, we are committed to delivering innovative and high-quality solutions for transformers and inductors in various industries. Our expertise lies in the development and fabrication of ultra-miniature magnetic cores using cutting-edge semiconductor and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology production processes.

The key focus of our laminated magnetic core manufacturing process is to achieve low-loss, high energy density cores that meet the demands of miniaturized power and communication systems. By utilizing high-volume semiconductor processes, we can produce magnetic devices with smaller feature sizes, making them comparable in size to other components in micro-sized system-in-package (μSiP) solutions. This integration leads to smaller package sizes and improved reliability, enabling manufacturers to create more fully-featured, compact, and efficient communication and computing products.

In our innovative fabrication technique, a highly-laminated magnetic core is self-patterned during deposition, significantly reducing the need for multiple photolithography steps and driving down production costs. This method allows us to create precise and optimized magnetic cores with excellent magnetic properties, such as low eddy-current losses and high saturation levels.

Our dedication to research and development has resulted in advanced magnetic-core molds that enable precise control of the laminated structures. We employ high-resistivity materials and utilize insulating varnishes to create thin insulated sheets called laminations, which are stacked together to form the magnetic core. These laminations effectively reduce eddy-current losses and mitigate the skin effect, enhancing the overall efficiency of our magnetic cores.

We continuously strive to push the boundaries of magnetic core manufacturing, and our commitment to automated manufacturing with statistical process control ensures consistent and high-quality products. Our laminated magnetic cores play a pivotal role in various applications, such as power electronics, communication systems, and beyond.

With our advanced technology and dedication to innovation, we are proud to contribute to the miniaturization and advancement of electronic devices, revolutionizing the way we interact with technology and enhancing its efficiency and performance.

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