As the manufacturer of magnetic inductors, we take pride in producing high-quality and reliable electrical components that play a crucial role in a wide range of applications. Our inductors, also known as coils or chokes, are passive two-terminal devices designed to store energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through them. The process of manufacturing these inductors involves winding an insulated wire into a coil, carefully considering the inductance, which is the ratio of voltage to the rate of change of current.

Our expertise lies in using state-of-the-art fabrication technologies, including microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and other advanced methods, to ensure precise inductor design and optimal electrical and mechanical performance. We closely follow the advancements in MEMS technology for inductor fabrication, including 3D surface micromachining and through-substrate-via (TSV) fabrication techniques, which enable us to create 3D inductors such as solenoid and toroid in-substrate TSV inductors.

We take into account the diverse applications of inductors, from high-frequency circuits to power supply circuitry and more. Our product lineup includes various inductor types categorized by application, form factor, and construction principle, such as wire-wound inductors, layered inductors, and thin film inductors.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we maintain a keen focus on quality and performance, ensuring that our inductors exhibit high inductance density and efficiency. Our commitment to excellence is driven by the understanding that inductors are vital components in electrical circuits, and their reliability directly impacts the performance of the systems they are integrated into.

At our facility, we combine innovative manufacturing techniques with rigorous quality control measures to deliver inductors that meet the highest standards in the industry. Our aim is to contribute to the advancement of power electronics and other emerging applications through the continuous improvement of our products and exploration of inspiring research opportunities in MEMS inductor technology.

As a leading manufacturer in the field, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that empower engineers, scientists, and innovators to realize their vision and bring cutting-edge technologies to life.

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