As a leading manufacturer of magnetic toroidal components, we take pride in our expertise in producing high-quality toroidal devices that play a crucial role in various applications, including fusion reactors, power electronics, and other advanced technologies. Our toroidal manufacturing process involves state-of-the-art techniques and cutting-edge materials to ensure superior performance and reliability.

Our toroidal field coils are crafted using advanced cabling and conductor fabrication methods, ensuring the precision and integrity required for their critical applications. These coils are designed to encircle fusion reactors, such as the ITER fusion reactor, providing powerful and precise magnetic fields to confine plasma and maintain stability during fusion processes. To achieve this, we utilize high-performance materials like niobium-tin superconducting wire, which exhibits remarkable superconducting properties.

In our dedicated facilities, we employ specialized cabling machines capable of handling large spools and conductor lengths, ensuring smooth and precise fabrication. For instance, our 800-meter-long jacketing bench, located in a unique facility at Tallahassee Regional Airport, is designed to insert the cable into stainless steel tubing, maintaining alignment and avoiding deformities during the process. This innovative approach ensures cost-effectiveness and quality assessment through computer radiometry.

Moreover, we focus on comprehensive testing and quality control measures to ensure the final toroidal components meet stringent requirements. Helium leakage testing is carried out in a specially designed vacuum vessel, ensuring the components' cooling system operates flawlessly during operation.

At our manufacturing facility, we strive to stay at the forefront of toroidal manufacturing technology and continuously collaborate with industry experts and partners to enhance our capabilities further. Our dedication to excellence, innovation, and precision allows us to deliver toroidal components that contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge technologies and scientific research.

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